Make Lemonade out of Lemons. Summer job ideas for kids… and what they will learn.

Here is some timely advice for the summer – getting kids going on operating their own businesses. Lemonade Stands, tutoring, cleaning garages and more are great ideas for kids to get the entrepreneurial bug (and learn about works ethic etc). Kim Deep is the CMA, author (most recent title: “Conductor Kash and the Prosperity Express”), mom, entrepreneur and president of Kidz Make Cents Inc. in the know and her quest is to make kids understand financial education, principles regarding wealth and financial literacy.

Kim is available for interview (in person in Edmonton and via phone across the rest of Canada). Please contact Kimberly Plumley of Publicity Mavens at 250-390-9285 or via email at Below is the press release.

Many thanks!


Make Lemonade out of Lemons!

Summer is here, kids are off school and looking for something to do… how about helping kids open, run and operate their very own business. Kids can earn profits way before wages and with the tight economy and job market, now is the time to help kids learn how to earn!

We can help kids take their talents, passions, and strengths and start businesses earning money doing what they love to do!

This will foster confidence and teach important life skills about leadership, pride and the value of a dollar!

“A New Era of Responsibility”

We have experienced first hand what happens when people are irresponsible with money, this irresponsibility took the world to its knees, and every person has felt the effects around the world!

I know we will come out of this stronger and wiser just as we have in the past. But… no more… business as usual, I’m too busy or I don’t have time. >From this day forward you must be responsible for anything that will affect your future and your families future. Gandhi says, “If we are to have real peace in the world, we will have to begin with the children.”

The same applies with money. We must start when our children are young teaching them the basic foundations necessary in understanding money. Just as we do with ABC’s, 123,s and sharing is caring.

Some great ideas for summer businesses for kids:

  1. Washing cars
  2. Pet sitting
  3. Clean garages
  4. Selling items on Kijiji or free classified ad websites
  5. Collecting mail/watering plants
  6. Lemonade stand
  7. Gardening/yard clean up/lawn cutting
  8. Tutoring


Kim Deep, Canadian’s Family Money Expert, is available for interviews. Please contact Kimberly Plumley at Publicity Mavens at 250-390-9285 or via email You can check out more about Kim and all that she does with money and families at

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