Facebook and old friends…

Interesting thing about Facebook is how you reconnect with people from the past. Wasn’t sure how I felt about it – I have an image in my head that highschool sucked and that “I did not belong”. That defined me for a very, very long time. Last year through Facebook I connected with one of my favourite people from highschool, Mariette and man, she is cool. We got to talking about how we felt about highschool etc and I realized that if we actually felt like we belonged back then, we would not be doing what we love now. What the world would have missed by not knowing the creative skills, passion and drive of Mariette… what a loss. So yes, we may have had issues with the past – but all for the greater good of the future.

So today, I met up with Sheila from highschool. 26 years have passed since we saw each other. We decided to meet for coffee today and I was not sure what to expect… have I grown older, more interesting, would I have anything of value to say… would my old-age sciatica act up? Sheila and I were not good friends in highschool – different crowd etc, but we knew of each other. I must say my short time with Sheila today made me reevaluate my thoughts of the past… made me rethink my “old truths”. I kept my judgements of people from back in the day and it was nice to have  that kicked away from me and it allowed me to actually be kind of excited to remeet people who are from my old life… that was my gift for the day and I thank Sheila Hatch for the insight! Bring on the Facebook connections and let’s see what great things I get to learn for my future. Bring on the 30 year reunion – I would love it!



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  1. In reading this, I was also reminded that none of us ever really feel like we belong. The horrible agony that is puberty is designed as yet another survival of the fittest… turns out that fittest is not best hockey player or cutest face but some other skills that are much more vital to the planet.

    It also made me wonder about why we hold onto our stories? How those stories must have shaped the drivers we used to succeed. I also think about the threats that we incur when we meet the dissonance face to face. It takes a strong person to look back and reassess, to reconstruct. Thanks Kim for thinking through this for us.

    Thanks for this reflection Kim.

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