The Eastside Culture Crawl is around the corner…

One of my yearly pilgrimages… The Eastside Culture Crawl starts on Friday, November 20th and ends Sunday, November 22nd. The Eastside Culture Crawl is an annual FREE 3-day visual arts festival. This event involves artists in their studios who work on the east side of Vancouver, BC, Canada in an area bounded by Main Street to Commercial Drive and from First Avenue north to the waterfront. Check out the map of studios, the artists and more!

The mission of the Eastside Culture Crawl Society is to promote Vancouver’s east side artists and their work by fostering excellence, encouraging visibility and forging partnerships.  The Eastside Culture Crawl Society brings arts to the community through the ongoing creation of events and programming that support the growth of east side artists.

For the next couple of weeks I am going to doing an artist feature of the day… a bit of everything. I certainly won’t be able to cover everyone, but want to give you a flavour of who you can meet and the incredible creations you can find at The Eastside Culture Crawl.

Here is my artist of the day – Beata Kacy.

Beata Kacy Jewelry

It takes the thoughtful eye of a seasoned artist to pick up on life’s daily nuances. Someone who has the innate ability to see the value in things which others might deem insignificant, like supple clay harvested from the Earth and molded into something exquisite.

Beata is one such artist who paints the world with a whole other palette.  She has traveled the globe to fuel her passion for art in whatever form she finds it, thus fuelling her passion for all things created, whether by man or Mother Nature.

Originally from Poland, and currently residing in Vancouver, Beata began her love affair with creating works of art alongside her mother, Jolanta, when she was just a child as she passed the days away knitting and sewing. As she grew into a full-fledged artist, Beata began experimenting with other mediums such as clay, concrete, resin, stone and glass.

With a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Science, Beata further honed her artistic sense by attending Vancouver Film School. She is also a graduate from Emily Carr University where she studied Fine Arts in Practice.

On any given day, Beata can be found hard at work in her studio creating masterpiece quality jewelry and accessories. She runs her own studio alongside her partner, called Octopus Studios ( <> on the East Side of Vancouver. Beata’s studio is currently home to 12 artists who are cultivating their own crafting expertise at the helm of a true artistic master. Soigne Atelier was born from her passion for metalwork, nature and photography. All 3 aspects combined together allow her to explore different methods of jewelry making using glass, wood, metals, cement, resin, images and found objects.


With a keen eye for finding beauty in the most unexpected places, Beata took her love for photography to a whole new level with the publication of her first book, ‘Desiderata’, which is comprised of more than 200 breathtaking photographs from her travels in South East Asia and South America. ‘Desiderata’ represents people, their minds and souls. Her second book contains both photography and art. It is a collaborative masterpiece entitled ‘Conjunction’ that she created with three other artists.

Beata touches the lives of others through her crafting and reaches out to other artists wanting to perfect their craft at the side of this seasoned artisan. She holds classes in her studio for a variety of art mediums. Beata also serves as a guest teacher for the Vancouver based Art Space Blim.

Using the energy of good karma as her moral compass, Beata is fun loving, energetic and a fierce sportswoman. When she is not creating gorgeous works of art, Beata might just find herself climbing the face of a mountain or, possibly, skiing down it.

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