Eastside Culture Crawl Artist of the day (according to me) – Joel Libin from Basic Inquiry Studio/Gallery

Day two of my posts about the Eastside Culture Crawl event and some of the artists participating. From November 20-22nd you can head to the eastside of Vancouver and see some of Vancouver’s most creative, inspiring and giving artists. I have been part of the crawl for over 5 years now and it continues to impress me… and I find new art to come live with me. Check out http://www.eastsideculturecrawl.com/to see the types of artists involved, where you can find the studios and more.

Today’s featured artist is Joel Libin. Here’s a bit of information on him and his work:

Like to Sit July - 2009 Joel Libin

My name is Joel Libin and am a studio coordinator at Basic Inquiry Studio/Gallery (http://www.eastsideculturecrawl.com/buildings/basic-inquiry), Volunteer at WaxPoetic for Vancouver’s Co-Operative Radio 102.7 and when I was 18 I began my recovery process from a traumatic brain injury. I was attacked about 9 years ago and I am continuing to regain my confidence in pursuing my life as a practicing artist and mixed media painter.

Throughout my painting process I strive to express my need for physical contact with the canvas. This energy derives from my emotional responses and want for the viewer to find connection with the painting. By becoming more intense with my use of texture I am challenging myself to take risks and challenge the viewer to look beyond the found objects and see a painting. I continue to use the face as a starting point and continue to paint from the figure. Painting is fulfilling and the addition of found objects helps to break down the reading of the painting.


I really have enjoyed Joel’s work… the layers and emotion. Man, I am getting art-i-fied! Learning lots and that is what I enjoy about the Eastside Culture Crawl…the discovery of new art, artists and emotions.


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  1. I love Joel’s work! He manages to convey energy and emotion with his painting!

    The photo does not do it justice, You must see his work in person to feel the textures of his painting.

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