Penchant for pottery and pictures… Eastside Culture Crawl’s Grace Lee helps feed the need.

There is something quite amazing about pottery – the fact that it was mere mud at one point and then with the intervention of an artist it becomes beauty. I love it and really enjoy Grace Lee’s work with clay.Grace also has the eye for images and the photography she takes with her vintage camera is second-to-none. Grace Lee is the artist of the day (according to me). Below is some more details about her and her creations.

Be sure to check her and others out at The Eastside Culture Crawl from Friday, November 20th – Sunday, November 22nd. The artist/studio map and loads of other information about this free event can be found at



eikcam design is a Vancouver based arts studio created by artist/designer, Grace Lee. She works in clay to create fine ceramic jewellery and also an antiqued, folk tableware collection. Her photography is ethereal and simple which she shoots with a vintage camera. Grace’s studio is at the Mergatroid, 965 Vernon Drive.

Grace Lee’s work reflects her childhood memories of growing up near tall trees and being near the ocean – all the surrounding elements of the west coast. Much of what grew in her backyard was harvested to create traditional Korean dishes and she now use a lot of the same foliage as motifs in her ceramic tableware. The process of rediscovering her innate love for clay and natural elements has organically defined the aesthetic that her work reflects. Most of her work lends a sense of age or naturalness that also serves as a functional piece.
She inspires to explore and evolve through deep reflections of her surroundings and traditional roots. where you can find out more about Grace and her work.


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