Ella Rose’s new art….

You have heard me say before what a fan I am of 4Cats Arts Studios (http://www.4cats.com/). Ella Rose has been going for a few years now and at the age of 6 knows she wants to be an artist. This is a happy place for her. She can create and be joyful about the experience and the end results. I am so happy to see her so happy and so into all that she gets to discover about art, artists and herself.

This month the kids (there are adults classes too, by the way) learned all about Tom Thomson, Fascinating dude with a penchant for painting canoes and other things. The kids loved learning about him and what he means to Canada. The kids did some amazing versions of Tom Thomson. Here is Ella Rose’s version. I love it… I hope you enjoy it too!

Beauty in the eye of a 6 yr old.

Fall Colours in honour of Tom Thomson


Grand Opening of SmartFitness Holistic Fitness happens on Wednesday, November 3rd from 8 am to 9 pm

Wed. Nov 3rd – 8am-9pm
Grand Opening Party with Sally Whibley
And Special Guest “Betty Hoops” from Colorado
Unit #1 – 994 Errington Rd, Errington B.C. / 250-586-2639

It’s a party! Come join us on Wednesday, November 3rd for the “Hoop-tastic” grand opening for Errington’s own, SmartFitt Holistic Fitness. Sally Whibley is the woman behind this new place for movement and health and would love for you to come check out the gym, Infrared Sauna, Hoop Dance Classes and find out more about the birthday party bookings and teacher training programs she has throughout the year.

Special guest for the Grand Opening and until November 12th is 4 time Guinness World Book record holder, Betty Hoops (www.bettyhoops.com). Betty is the hooper to see… inspiring, passionate and FUN! Below are some of the classes that Betty and Sally will be doing in honour of the new SmartFitt Holistic Fitness gym. Be sure to come check it all out… and gives your hips a swing, it is very fun! 1 Yoga Hoop Dance Workshop-1