Nanaimo! Help needed to find stolen computer that contains photos and video of 2.5 yr old who passed away.

Nanaimo-ites: on the night of Nov 6, Jen and Ben Veenhof’s car was broken into across from Dover Bay School and their dell e360harddrive was stolen. It contains photos and videos of their 2.5 year old son who passed away Oct of 2008. It is of no monetary…value, but the memories it holds are priceless.Please have a heart and return it anonymously to the Neighborhood Church on Rutherford Rd. I can also connect you with Jen if you want more information. Let’s try to find the computer for them!


  1. How heart breaking! I thought I lost all 7000 pics of my kids as babies when I spilled coffee on my laptop. But I can’t even imagine how this must be! Sorry I can not help!

  2. Thanks. I truly hope they find the computer. Lots of people out trying to find it or at least get people to turn it in. I hope we get good news soon!

  3. Thank you Kim! We have been witnessing quite a snowball effect from our post on facebook. The media has saturated Nanaimo with the story, along with many newspapers across the country. Thank you so much for helping get the word out there!

    The Veenhofs

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