Salt Spring Island – historic art.

Recently I had one of the best weekends of my life. My hubby and I went to Salt Spring Island. I love Salt Spring for many reasons, Fish and Chips at Seaside Restaurant, the Saturday Market, Hastings House and we got to have sneak peak at some stunning Canadian history in the form of art!

One of our first stops on our Salt Spring trip was a visit to Pegasus Gallery owner and curator Ian Sigvaldason’s abode to see a collection of historic prints, fittingly titled “Unseen Silk Screens”.  Ian is one heck of a smart guy…  he is a recognized expert on Canadian art history, so he knows his stuff.

Ian is giving everyone a chance step back in time and view a rare collection of hidden art prints from one of Canada’s leading graphic art companies Sampson-Matthews this May on Salt Spring Island.  This collection had been hidden away and stored intact since the project was completed in 1963.

The show will consist of over 45 silkscreen prints, many by the Group of Seven, as well as by famed west coast artists like Emily Carr, and B.C. Binning. He is pleased to be able to offer collectors an opportunity to once again be a part of our nation’s largest publicly funded art project. In conjunction with the National Gallery of Canada, the prominent graphic firm of Sampson-Matthews produced a wealth of technically masterful silkscreens under the supervision of Alfred Joseph Casson. Between 1942-1963, a total of 89 works of art by a virtual who`s who of Canadian artists were translated into oil pigment silkscreens. Such well known artists as AY Jackson, Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson and JEH MacDonald from the group of seven were represented along with woman artists including Yvonne McKague Housser, Rody Kenny Courtice and Emily Carr as well as a host of other well regarded and loved artists. One of the most valuable morale boosters of the war, these silkscreens – depicting scenes from coast to coast – were sent to army barracks and were later available to schools, hospitals and libraries. Pegasus Gallery was fortunate enough to acquire a large group of prints, and is offering over 55 different images. They are visually rich, affordable documents of our Nation`s Heritage.

This is history folks, amazingly stunning work that is going to be shown to all. We loved it and I hope Ian is going to be on hand to do some talking tours with folks. He is passionate about these pieces and it was an honour to have him show us the pieces and share his knowledge.

Check out Pegasus Gallery for more information on the show. “Unseen Silk Screens”, will be exhibited at ArtSpring on Salt Spring Island, BC from May 21-30th. 

Here’s one of the “Unseen Silk Screens” you will have a chance to enjoy…

Binning –  Ships Classical Storm

PS… I did a video with Ian, but am having technical difficulties. Will add when I can figure it out.

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