New things…

I just had my birthday. Loved it! One of the things I realized is that after 16 years of turning 30, I have learned lots of things. Some sucky things, some cool things, some astonishing things and some that are simply simple.

I love learning. One of the big things I have learned is to learn to listen. Man, that is cool! I am hearing some fantastic things about people, opportunities… and more about myself. One of my things I have done is listened to me about my amount of volunteer things – I have knocked that back a fair bit. I am now trying to come to terms with what I can do for me. Yes, it is all about me after all.

I am going to start sharing some cool things I learned on my blog. Hopefully it will inspire you to go on the path of discovery for yourself. By me writing stuff down, it keeps me in check with all the wonderful things that are in my world.  Also, if you have some things you think I should try or open my mind to, let me know. I draw the line a bungy jumping, group sex and eating various types of licorice.

First thing I have learned about. I have doing it everyday. Some days are better than others, but I have learned to like my hair.Yes. True. Here is how I did it. I got wrangled into taking a class at my hairdressers. I have been seeing Urs at Strands Vancouver for over 10 years now. He started doing my hair when I was pregnant – as he was the only ammonia-free salon in the city. He also does exceptional work and has a naughty sense of humour – a winning combination in my book. I have also being working on PR for him for a number of years.

Urs and his model, Anne Boylen

Ok… about the class. I was there getting my colour done, my kids were there getting their haircut and Urs told me he had half a dozen women coming in later that day to do a class on how to do their own up-dos. When wet, my hair goes past my shoulders, but when dry the curls take it above the shoulders and I thought I would not be appropriate for the class. No, said Urs, you would be perfect!

So, I sent my kids off with their friends and I hung out at the salon. What a treat. I got me some serious hair envy! The ladies that came for the class had hair to die for! Long and straight. Urs had asked all the ladies to have no product or anything in their hair when they came. They all came into the salon, had a gown put on, they had a special package awaiting them with brushes, clips, pins, sample products and more. There were 6 of us and 3 staff. Good staff to hair ratio.

Before my class with Urs.

The first thing that was taught to us was the proper way to blow dry your hair. I am a wash and let it dry gal. This was so helpful to me. Urs, Erika and Tracy showed me how to blow dry, use the cool button and not get frizz. Worth the price right there.

After learning how to blowdry my hair properly!

Urs and his team, Erika and Tracy. Helped everyone. They even talked about product dos and don’ts, how to make a hairdo last, the right brushes, pins etc. Very informative. They showed us a variety of ways to do classic french rolls and how to party them up for events, weddings etc. That was cool. I got the hang of it and loved my hair up!

I did it by myself!

I loved the class. Learned loads and yes, I bought the rockstar back comb brush… really folks that is the best purchase this year. I also treat my long bobby pins like gold. I have not lost one since March. I do my hair up a couple times a week now and love the flexibility of doing it.

Urs has loads of other classes – I am getting my hubby into the class where Urs and the team teach dads how to do daughters’ hair. What a brilliant class. A time saver for me, empowering for dad and a bonding experience for all.

Thanks Urs, Erika and Tracy. Your class rocked and I hope more people get the chance to learn from you! Check out all the classes at

Oh, I also had to include the CUTEST picture of my daughter at Urs’.  Ella Rose loves it at Strands.

She is just 6 and already she has this salon thing down!

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