Bringing the camp into Social Media Camp 2011!

Bob Garlick and Kim Plumley of are thrilled to be on site at SMCV11 with our 6 person tent! We will be podcasting inside and interviewing speakers, tradeshow folks, and attendees.

We hit Paul and Chris from Social Media camp with this odd request… “Hey, can we set up a tent on site and talk to people – it will be fun!” They said yes right away and we are excited. So. we will have our podcast tent in the Trade Show area. In the back area, where it is slightly quieter. The lovely Peggy Richardson will be our personal sherpa/wrangler and laughing partner. Bob and Kim will be doing the interviews. We have spots as short as 10 minutes up to 1/2 an hour. We want to respect everyone’s time, so let us know what your time frame  is. Times are here…

We love to learn about people, ideas, we have fun and we have marshmallows! Come hang out with us for a bit. If you need to reach us, call Kim’s cell at 778-838-0514 or tweet us at @garlickandplum or come see us at the tent.

Thanks and we are really looking forward to the weekend!


Kim and Bob and Peggy!

Oh… I know I said I would wear a tutu, but my tutu lady is MIA. Or she could not find enough material for mine.


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