Fathers: A Literary Anthology. Interview with Andre Gerard.

Father’s Day is around the corner and I met with a wonderful man named, Andre Gerard, who has created a book that would make for a terrific gift for Dad – Fathers: A Literary Anthology. I was able to have an interview with Andre when he was in Nanaimo. Thanks Chapters!

Andre was a delight and I am pleased to say he is now a friend. I learned lots from him and his book is well researched. He contacted each and every one of the authors featured – Andre thought and thought about the stories featured. He has a good eye for meaningful Father’s stories – good and bad stories about Dad.

Fathers: A Literary Anthology is a literary treasure trove. Wise and wonderfully varied essays and poems by five Nobel laureates and by writers such as Margaret Atwood, Alan Bennet, Angela Carter, Virginia Woolf and Franz Kafka also make Fathers a powerful self-help manual for all children trying to understand and improve their relationships with their fathers. As well, the inspired musings in this collection will help all fathers—fathers young and fathers old—better appreciate the complexities of their role and the rich rewards it offers.

To order, please check out Andre’s website here… http://patremoirpress.com/.


Oysters… fresh from the farmer, Rob Tryon.

Here is a note from my new friend, Rob, about his great shellfish products. I am ordering the scallops. Rob has promised me he would teach me how to eat an oyster properly. Support our local farmers… the ones on land and on sea.

Hello Everyone,

It’s that time again… June 15th will be the delivery date. There will be pickup points in Victoria, Nanaimo and Parksville. All orders need to be in by June 11, 2011.

Please note the new email— rob@barkleysoundshellfish.com New Blog coming soon……

Help me spread the Effing Word about BK Shellfish by forwarding this to friends, family, co workers and people you think would enjoy some fresh shellfish.

Barkley Sound Shellfish by Imperial Eagle Clam Co. Ltd.

1. Pacific Rim Petites Oysters (1.5-2.25″) 5 dozen bag = $25
A deep water cultured oyster that is intensely tumbled and suspended off rafts. (To view a video of the tumbling process: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFdIBZxKVXw) Named after the Pacific Rim National Park that includes the Broken Group Islands, West coast Trail, and Long Beach!!

2. Effingham Extra Small Oysters (2.25-3″) 5 dozen bag = 25$
Another “tumbled” oyster that is the most popular of the Barkley Sound Shellfish!!! The Tumbling process occurs every 25-45 days. Great for “shooter” oysters with a little Tabasco, vodka, balsamic, etc.. Grown in Effingham Inlet and are the pride of the Barkley Sound Shellfish!!

3. Swale Rock Small Oysters (2.25-3″) 5 dozen bag = 30$
The biggest of the tumbled oysters. The tumbling process gives the oysters a hard shell and deep cup. It amplifies the beach hardening that traditional oysters get. The newest brand the Barkley Sound shellfish line and the feedback from the distributors that carry these has been exceptional.

4. Sechart Beach Oysters (3-7″) 3 dozen bag = 20$
These would be your typical Beach Oysters that are great on the BBQ. These are grown on our beach in Sechart Channel that borders the Broken Group Islands which are part of the Pacific Rim National Park…Doesn’t get anymore pristine!!!

5. Useless Inlet Manila Clams (15-20/pound) 5 pounds = 20$
Grown on our beach in the unique Useless Inlet. Useless Inlet’s opening is very small but the tidal flush it gets is phenomenal and that gives us great growth!!

6. Sechart Savoury Clams (15-20/pound) 5 pounds = 15$
This beach is located near the Broken Group Islands which are part of Pacific Rim National Park.

7. Barkley Sound Pacific Scallops (1-4/pound) 1 dozen = 25$
What can I say… Roe in scallops was our Christmas Eve Dinner!!!

Thank you and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

ROB TRYON (@RobTryon)
GM- NW Aquaculture Ltd.
Owner- Imperial Eagle Clam Co. Ltd.
Hm: (250) 248-6238
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