Today I realized I have more than 100 lbs to lose. I find that daunting… very much so. But, if I do not start this journey, I will get bigger and unhappier.  Today is the first step to more than 100 lbs.

I was nervous heading in to Herbal Magic after my first day on the program. I knew it would all be ok when I drove into the parking lot and met two lovely friends who go there as well. We are a not so secret club. It was nice to connect with kindred folks who are on their own path. Pretty awesome.

Katie was my counselor du jour. She is rather adorable – sprightly. She surrounds me with warmth and kindness. Talks to me about the first day and gives me more confidence to keep going in the right direction. She also set me straight about doing it all… I was feeling horrible that I did not got a walk in today. She said not to worry as it will come. One thing at a time. That in itself took a weight off me. One day at a time.

Bring on tomorrow – and all that it has to offer.