Fathers: A Literary Anthology. Interview with Andre Gerard.

Father’s Day is around the corner and I met with a wonderful man named, Andre Gerard, who has created a book that would make for a terrific gift for Dad – Fathers: A Literary Anthology. I was able to have an interview with Andre when he was in Nanaimo. Thanks Chapters!

Andre was a delight and I am pleased to say he is now a friend. I learned lots from him and his book is well researched. He contacted each and every one of the authors featured – Andre thought and thought about the stories featured. He has a good eye for meaningful Father’s stories – good and bad stories about Dad.

Fathers: A Literary Anthology is a literary treasure trove. Wise and wonderfully varied essays and poems by five Nobel laureates and by writers such as Margaret Atwood, Alan Bennet, Angela Carter, Virginia Woolf and Franz Kafka also make Fathers a powerful self-help manual for all children trying to understand and improve their relationships with their fathers. As well, the inspired musings in this collection will help all fathers—fathers young and fathers old—better appreciate the complexities of their role and the rich rewards it offers.

To order, please check out Andre’s website here… http://patremoirpress.com/.