The NoteworthyKids Music Club – Through the Stage Door!

I really love the Noteworthy Kids Music Club. Both my daughters have been involved in it… and my talented sister-in-law, Patricia Plumley, does choir and voice with the kids. It is a great opportunity for children to discover music, instruments and joy of a show! I just got a press release about the upcoming registration and thought I would share. It is cost effective, the time commitment is not onerous and the kids enjoy it.

Symphony for Kids – LIVE!

with NoteworthyKids Music Club and Mayhem at the Museum of Music

Children of today are born into a world of iPhones, iPods, BlackBerrys and computers. But, do they know where the music they hear comes from and how it is made? For 15 years the Vancouver Island Symphony has been passionately addressing this very issue and has come up with some unique solutions…

What began as a seed in 2005 has now become a full-grown movement, one that’s exciting, energized and still growing! Kids ages 7-13, from around the Central Island, can join the NoteworthyKids Music Club. Members walk through the Stage Door at The Port Theatre, see musicians and their instruments, take a sneak peek behind the scenes, enjoy extra-special events, and experience a symphony LIVE – with over 50 musicians on stage.

The first NoteworthyKids event this year is on Thursday, October 18 at 6:30 p.m. with registration and orientation. On a typical NoteworthyKids night the Back Stage area is filled with excitement as children in bright coloured T-shirts mingle with musicians and VI Symphony staff. Explains Bobbi Kurtz, Symphony Outreach and Education Coordinator; “Music comes to life for kids when they meet the musicians one on one, talk with them and ask questions.” NoteworthyKids also watch a rehearsal of the orchestra with guest artists, like Cirque de la Symphonie! They see how conductor Pierre Simard leads the orchestra and prepares for the concert. Adds Bobbi, “Just being able to see everything LIVE is so different from listening to it on CD or iPod.”


Symphony Community Day

And another great event – on Saturday, October 20, kids, parents, family and anyone in the community are invited to this season’s first FREE Symphony Community Day. Activities begin with the highly popular Musical Instrument Zoo (11 a.m. to 12 noon), followed by the NoteworthyKids Music Club Family Event – Meet a Musician (11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.). Everyone is then welcomed to see what happens at a Symphony Rehearsal (12:30 to 1:30 p.m.). Complimentary tickets (required) are available through the Port Theatre at 754-8550.


Mayhem at the Museum of Music

On Friday, January 18 (taking school bookings now!) – it’s Mayhem in the Museum of Music. Over 45,000 elementary school kids have experienced the Vancouver Island Symphony performing LIVE on stage with the annual Education Concerts, where kids are bussed from schools to the theatre. Says Bobbi, “Mayhem in the Museum of Music is considered to be one of our conductor Pierre Simard’s best-written education programs. It is about a night-time museum security guard and composer named Jimmy who works in the Composers Hall. When he asks for help, ghost composers emerge from the displays to give him tips. Pierre plays all the characters. There’s fabulous lighting and sound effects. It is a fantastic show!”


For information about kids’ programs and registration to the NoteworthyKids Music Club call 250-754-0177 or visit (NoteworthyKids Music Club costs only $40 for the entire season, and includes a T-shirt and tickets to a concert. Bursaries are available for kids who require assistance.)




Is your grocery bill tax deductible? Learn How with CMA, Kim Deep, and her ever popular session, Money Matters. First session starts Saturday, September 19th at St. Andrew’s Centre in Edmonton.

Is your grocery bill tax deductible? Learn How with Money Matters today!

The Family Wealth Academy and Kidz Make Cents is offering an amazing interactive two days of training in Financial Fitness for adults – Money Matters. Kim Deep, CMA for Money Matters, brings a wealth of information to her weekend session – but she is also including a 5 week financial coaching and integrated follow-up session. Her first fall session starts on Saturday, September 19th with more sessions coming up on October 17th and November 14th. Sessions take place at St. Andrew’s Centre in Edmonton and it costs only $149 for the lifetime of tools participants will come away with. You can register at 780-483-4010 or online at

CMA, Kim Deep, Canada’s Family Money Expert will help people setup their own financial records and get them in order, learn and implement a system to manage their own finances, learn one of the primary reasons people don’t win at the money game, take control of their money and tell is where to GO and not asking where it went, understand how to pay an allowance to yourself or children so that you can achieve financial success, turn your grocery bill into a tax deduction and generate residual income and more!

Over the years, Kim and her team have noted that the biggest failure of businesses and personal finances is not knowing how much money they have because they don’t track or record where their money goes. They feel it is important to provide people with the tools to help create a foundation and financial launch pad that will help you reach for the stars and achieve your FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE! Wouldn’t it be great to make financial fitness a priority and create your own personal micro-economy?

Check out what is being said about our Money Matters and financial coaching:

“I wanted to write you to tell you how doing the 15 minutes of financial fitness a day is transforming our lives! It is only the second full month of following the system you outlined, and the results are fabulous! I have more money in the bank at the end of each month, and I have plenty of money set aside already for our spring break trip to Calgary!

I am enjoying tracking my money more than ever! Financial fitness is fun, and your course taught me that fact If I was only tracking my spending, but not doing the full 15 minutes a day, I never would have done the analyzing and tweaking that I have done with our monthly spending amounts, aka our budget. When I have 15 minutes to do but no entries to post into Quicken, I look over the month’s spending and figure out how we are doing. That time is so invaluable. When I used to try to do ll the work at once, I would end up letting it pile up until the task was daunting and unpleasant.

As well, we are making some changes in how we do our business as a result of the cash game you had us do. I was so amazed at how such a seemingly simple game helped us to see an area where we could improve our cash flow as real estate investors! Truly your course has benefited us phenomenally in so many areas.

Last but not least is the changes we’ve made to how the kids allowances are handled. Thanks Kim for doing what you do! You have taken our finances to the next level, and given us way more value than the cost of the course! – Jacqueline


For more information about Money Matters and/or to arrange an interview with Kim Deep, please contact Kimberly Plumley at Publicity Mavens at 250-390-9285 or via email at

Me, myself and blog…

I am awaiting my husband to move my website to WordPress – but he is writing a book about WordPress and I have to wait. What’s the old saying? The cobbler’s wife has no shoes…

I have some questions, insights and opinions that I think would be fun to blog about. I am a mom, so I will surely write about the kidlets, I am a publicist based in British Columbia, so will talk about projects, I am an avid reader, so will talk about books and it looks like I have Parathyroid Disease which causes brutal kidney stones, so I will certainly be whining about that!

That’s it for now.

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